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Unscented Candles

Find here all your unscented and decorative candles to create a warm, intimate and friendly atmosphere with: Round candles, floating candles and a large array of candles of all sizes and all colors.

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Delyss offers a large range of candles, taper candles, candlesticks, tealight candles, votive candles, LED candles ...

Candles have become essential in our interior design style. Candles decorate your home by their scent, by their design and by their arrangement. Whether you have a special event or just to set up the mood, candles have the power to transform your interior, to open a room and make it bigger or to create a cozy, idyllic atmosphere. High-end candles send a strong message about your character, affinities and mood. So you can start being creative and imagive your next home decor.