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Maintenance tips

Remove wax stains

How to remove wax stains on floors or textiles (clothing, tablecloths, ...)? Scrape the excess wax, or place a blotting or a paper towel then iron the stain with a hot iron without steam, until complete absorption of the stain. For fragile carpets, you shall prefer brown paper (such as grocery bags). Finish with soap and water.

For stains on furniture, do not rub, you may scratch the wood. Cover the wax with some talc and place three layers of tissue paper then iron with a warm iron. As an easier alternative, place a towel over the stain and use a hair dryer to melt the stain. For varnished wood furniture, particularly delicate, moisten a soft cloth with warm water and gently rub in circles.


Clean candle holders

To give your candle a fresh and new aspect, three options are recommended. You can place your candle holder one hour in the freezer so that the wax hardens, then brittle residues can easily be removed by hand. The other solution is to melt the wax so that it withdraws itself: for this, run the hot water tap on the candlestick, or more radical, place it ten minutes in the oven at 200°/ 392°F. Remember in this case to use a foil to retrieve the melted wax.