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Fragrance advice


The profusion of fragrances offers a wide choice and it is often difficult to find one’s best match. Delyss, based on the fragrance classification, provides a better understanding of each olfactory family. From the below descriptions,  you shall  find your preferences for one or two scented families.

If not, then choose your fragrance according to seasons: a woody or spicy are ideal for winter,  floral or fresh scents reveal themselves during long summer evenings, and all year round enjoy delicious gourmet and tea scents.


The « Floral » family

The floral note is a composition used in most women's fragrances - it brings together the femininity in a largest number of perfumes. Rose, lilac, jasmine, muguet, violet ... the flowers are represented either alone for a unique scent or as a bouquet for a harmonious and balanced blend.


The « Woody » family

Wooded scents are characterized by essences of sandalwood, patchouli, cedar and vetiver that have long been used in men's fragrances. Today they also appeal to bold ,affirmed, seductive yet provocative women.


The « Leather » family

This is the smallest family of perfumes. It is produced from birch trees and tobacco with reminiscent scents of tanned leather. Highly appreciated by connoisseurs and everyone who loves perfumes with character, this family is represented mainly in men's fragrances. However, it is also found in some women's fragrances.


The « Fruity » family

These fragrances are generally very fresh with mainly citrus scents such as lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, orange and bergamot. Those essences bring lightness to perfumes and are ideal for sporty, dynamic and sparkling people.


The « Spicy » family

This olfactive family is also called "Orientals". Refreshed with aromatic or citrus notes, these spicy fragrances take their sophistication and richness from precious materials such as amber, resin, tobacco, exotic spices, sensual woods and animal notes. Their alluring and bewitching power make them an ideal fragrance for evenings and special occasions.


The « Fresh » family

Also called " Hesperidia", this family includes essentially scents of citrus fruits such as bergamot, lemon, orange, tangerine and grapefruit as well as marine notes or herbal notes. Perfumes in this family are characterized by their freshness and lightness. Aromatic and spicy notes are added to enhance the masculine side of the fragrance.


The « Tea » family

Inspired from the finest tea tasting, these fragrances exude soft and delicate aromas. They are blended with flowers and spices and are inspired from tea flavors such as Darjeeling rose, an Earl Grey with of bergamot  notes or green jasmine tea.


The « Gourmet » family

This family embodies the union between the world of fragrances and finest gastronomy.

Greedy scents are represented by tasty ingredients: praline, chocolate, plum, cassis, raspberry, caramel, vanilla or tonka bean that highlight a delicious pleasure close to what a cook can implement in the secret of his kitchen.