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Acqua marina

Marine fragrances, graced with sensual and salty note of sea water, are most appropriate for hot summer days. Sea note is used in various home fragrances and scented candles to create a fresh composition and lend a distinctive sea water aroma that refreshes our mind and our senses.

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Marine and aquatic notes are fresh reminding being by the sea water feeling the ocean breeze. Often combined with floral notes, it gives a feeling of vitality brought by the ocean smell. Delyss selection of scented candle, scented diffuser or room spray are young, watery, icy, dewy and airy : Scent Water candle Tom Dixon, London Diffuser Tom Dixon, Dr.Vranjes Acqua, Cire Trudon Balmoral, Cielo by Linary, Decor Mareminerale Culti, etc...