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Flower Gardens

Although many flowers are fragrant, some flowers gained popularity because of their having exceptionally fragrances. Jasmine flowers are harvested when their fragrance is at its peak just before dawn. The orange flower is the traditional flower of brides all over the world, Ylang-ylang is widely used for fine fragrance etc....

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Rose, lilac, jasmine, lilly of the valley, violet ... these flowers that bloom in this flower garden category are represented either alone or as a bouquet for a balanced harmony. Shop Delyss soft, romantic and feminine selection of scented candles and home fragrances: Geranio by Ortigia, Les Precieuses candle by Arty Fragrance, Gardenia Candle by Rigaud, Cyrnos by Cire Trudon, Quintessence Tuberose Candle, Odalisque Orange blossom candle Cire Trudon, White Pearls Baobab Candles , White Jasmine Castelbel etc....