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Zesty Fruits

Fruity notes are fresh and invigorating. Main fruity notes include berries and other non-citrus fruits. Fruity notes are often sweet and tart, and very pleasant to wear during hot seasons. Most commonly used fruity notes are peaches, pears, apples, guava, mango and passion fruit.

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Fruity accords spark with freshness with fig, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, orange or bergamot notes. Shop the invigorating Delyss selection in scented candles and fresh home fragrances ideal for bathrooms, kitchen and summertime : Fico d'India by Ortigia, Calabre Myrrh and liquorice candle Cire Trudon, New York Apple Candle Ladurée, Butterfly candle Portus Cale, Rose & Marius , Baobab candles, Linari etc...