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Tailor-made perfume

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Smell is part of our life, from the first seconds of our existence when we recognise our maternal odour, until years later when a familiar perfume can suddenly carry us away into a past that was thought to be forgotten ... Everyone is fascinated by smells and scents, but the fragrance world is not as obscure and complicated as one would like to believe. On the contrary, it is in each one of us, in direct contact with our emotions.
At Delyss, it is our modest ambition to offer you an olfactory journey. With passion and humility, Delyss draws its know-how through a true olfactory culture and offers you cutting-edge, innovative and creative solutions.



Delyss has a double expertise, both marketing and olfactory that allows us to speak the language of emotion and also the more technical one with perfumers.

Our missions :

1. To know the market of fragrances, its raw materials, technological innovations and trends

2.To always be ahead finding the next trends and translate these inspirations into unforgettable perfumed creation

3.To offer innovative ways to diffuse your fragrance, is our mission.

Delyss brings together all the skills related to olfactory creation, from the writing of the concept to the final product, thus giving life to your values and your history.


Delyss is passionate about perfumery, our fragrance experts combine creativity and innovation to develop unique and memorable fragrances.

With our team of perfumers, Delyss offers unique and inspiring sensory experiences that will appeal to your customers and co-workers. Delyss takes care of each of the steps involved in creating your olfactory identity, a scented candle, an interior fragrance, and why not considering a scented ribbon, a scented notebook or your olfactory visit cards.


  • Search for innovative solutions

  • Brief perfumers

  • Search for notes

  • Evaluation of olfactory directions

  • Consistency of mix elements



Delyss works with perfumers talents- a team of multicultural perfumers with high experience. Delyss works alongside with talented perfumers.






Do not hesitate to share your project with us- we will be happy to study it with you. For further information, please contact:
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